Quality over Quantity Organizing
Making your self/space/data/time a priority

Decluttering Process

Organization plays a significant role in helping you achieve success. Our goal is to transfer effective organizational practices and skills to you in hopes to help you personally and professionally.

Declutter, Sort & Get Organized 

Most people spend fifty percent of their lives within indoor environments, which greatly influence their mental status, actions, abilities and performance
— Sundstrom, E. (1994), Environment and Behavior

The Organizing Process

1. After the initial inquiry form is completed and submitted online, we will initiate a follow-up conversation

2. On-Site Initial Assessment - can range between 30-45 minutes depending on project needs. During the initial session, we start with a tour of your space. You will point out what is working and what isn’t, and I will listen, observe, and ask questions. Discuss current organizing issues and determine the client’s needs/wants. We then discuss potential solutions to your organizing challenges, agree on next steps: project goals, layout, budget and time.

($50.00 service fee) This fee includes the assessment time, project research and planning.

3. Estimate - Description of services, estimated time, and costs will be submitted to client, along with an organizing plan. Upon accepting the estimate and set up the first organizing appointment.  

4. Organizing Appointment - Client has option to work together with the organizer or pay additional fees for Organizer's employees to de-clutter & clear out excess “stuff”, create new storage & organizing methods, and design the best layout for your space. (Client may also choose to have the organizer complete the process individually after providing a thorough consultation & description of the desired project)

5. Time – The length of the project depends on the size of the project/space, amount of “stuff”, and whether the client will be working on the project in between organizing sessions or if the organizer completes the entire project individually. Appointments can last 2-6 hours. (Recommend minimum 4 hour blocks for most effective progress.)