Declutter, Sort & Organize

Paper is one of the few things in your home or office that can quickly accumulate and take over, causing you to lose track of more important things in life. Whether it’s your office at home, desk at work, or figuring out a system for your mail so you no longer throw it on your dining table or kitchen counter, we’ll work together to get you sorted and organized so you always know where your documents are at all times.


Services to Organizing Your Paper:

  • Paper decluttering/Reduction of Paper Piles
  • Shredding
  • Mail
  • Easy-To-Use Filing Systems
  • Creating Paper Workflow Systems
  • Archiving of Legacy Paperwork
  • Bill Payment
  • Disposal of Outdated But Sensitive Paperwork
  • Assistance with Digitizing Paperwork
  • Product Research and Purchases
  • On/Off-Site Document Shredding
  • Document Retention Protocol