How to structure your day so that you're not in a rush

Avoid scheduling back-to-back appointments. Includeempty blocks into your calendar to signal to others that you are not available for meetings.

**Share calendar scheduled meetings with others - include notifications to hold all parties accountable! 

Pack up what you need for your next appointment in advance. Don’t wait until you have one foot out the door to start looking for the stuff you will need.

**Imagine your commute as a vacation - it's best to have all your "stuff" prepared ahead of time so you can leave with ease and enjoy your travels. 

• Stop what you are doing 10 minutes before you have to leave to go to your next appointment or start your next activity. Take that time to close down what you were doing, take a few deep breaths, thank yourself for dedicating time to what matters to you most and make sure you are fully prepared for what’s next.


Next time you have a relaxed and un-rushed moment, stop and concentrate on how good it feels.

Let that feeling motivate you to make some changes so that you can feel that way more often!